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K-8 Academic Support in Reading, Math and Content Areas

Academic Support for Adult Learners 


Reading and Math Pop-Ups

The children have been away from school for quite sometime.  We are now over a month of missed schools days since September 11, 2018.  

ANCHOR ACADEMIC TUTORING SERVICE is organizing small group and individual tutoring sessions until the students return to school.  If you are interested in reserving a time for your child(ren), contact us as soon as possible.  Sessions are filling in quickly!

Let's Read at Home!

Fall Math Works!

Now that the weather has started to improve, we are heading into Autumn with it's cool weather and fun holidays.  There are many math activities for all levels found in a bag of Halloween candy!  Here are a few ideas:

  • counting
  • sorting:  group candy by color, type, size, or shape
  • fractions
  • addition and subtraction
  • making arrays that show multiplication and repeated addition
  • division:  divide a large group of the same type in to smaller groups


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Academic Tutoring for K-8 Students

At Anchor, we dedicate our time to learning your child's strengths and areas that require support.  We focus on identifying the root cause of the problem and making the necessary changes that would benefit learning.  

Individualized Program 

Each student will have an individualized program based upon their academic needs.  We use information from school and home-schooling parents to support the decision making process.  

Each student will have a written, individualize d


Assessments are conducted during each session and are a part of instruction.  Data from the assessments are used to determine the instructional path.

Personal Improvement

We assist adults with self improvement strategies that provide a better quality of life, elevates self-confidence and pride.  If you want to improve your reading skills, your ability to speak before an audience, please contact Anchor Academics.

Classroom Partnership

With parent permission, we participate in conferences at school, on the phone or via email.  Our goal is to develop a partnership with the teacher so that we can work together to improve learning.  

College Level Support

Students at the college level who are struggling with reading or writing should contact us to see how we could assist. Our college students have been successful with test-taking strategies, writing, presentation development, and an improvement in public speaking.  



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