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Led by A Professional, Experienced Educator

Anchor Academics is staffed by professional educators with more than 30 years of experience at the elementary school level.  Thorough, effective instruction is provided with a focus on your child's academic needs. 


-North Carolina Certified Teacher

-Reading Teacher

-K-8 Literacy

-North Carolina Certified Principal

  -26 years of experience as an instructional leader

  -assisted teachers with developing specialized programs for students of varying backgrounds

  -consistently evaluated effective instructional practices

-North Carolina Certifications:



 -Instructional Specialist

 -Curriculum Specialist



Subjects Availabe

Individualized Tutoring in:

Reading:  K-8

Math:  K-8

College:  Literacy, Comprehension

Mentoring:  K-8

It's A Team Effort

All students are taught by certified, experienced teachers who use effective instructional practices to meet diverse learner needs.

We develop partnerships with your child's teacher(s) to coordinate tutoring services with classroom instruction.

Continuous Growth

and Improvement

We are rewarded when students improve in the identified academic area.  We have experienced a high level of success with our students.


  1. One of the major projects we are planning is to begin providing coding instruction to teach elementary students this very valuable skill.  Stay tuned for updates and for information about the first class!
  2. We are developing language programs, that may include Chinese and Spanish!


The learning environment is located in a professional office, with a variety of instructional spaces, including a computer lab.  We have space for active learning and project development.