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Reading At Home

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Early Literacy Opportunity

Here is a great opportunity to begin building a library at home.  I encourage all who have a desire, to start this for your family.  It is wonderful to open the mail and find something positive, encouraging and helpful for you child or children.  

Reading with your child is one of the best strategies a parent can employ to encourage them to grow and enhance their learning.  

Happy Reading!!

Summer Reading

Now that the school year has ended, there will be plenty of time during the day for family reading!  Here is the annual American Library Services (ALS) recommendations for summer reading.  There is a list for all age groups.

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Reading At Home

Assess Their Leisure Reading

What book has your child chosen to read this month?  Is there a series of books they enjoy reading?  How much time does your child spend reading for pleasure?    How many books has your child read so far this year?  Take a look at the answers to these questions and decide how you can get a more positive result if needed.  

Research shows that children who read often, daily during leisure time experience a positive impact on their intellectual abilities.  Encourage your child to read.  Help them select a book and read with them.  It works!

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Arthur's First Sleepover

Arthur is very excited about a fun time he is planning for his friends.  Find out what happens.